Serpiente Roja (Red Snake)

Illustration / Self Initiated
Project Overview
Mateo Kingman is an Ecuadorian singer and songwriter. His music is heavily influenced by Latin American landscapes, sounds, and culture. This illustration is inspired in some verses of his song "Tejidos" ("Fabrics"), in which an ancestral snake is mentioned:
Serpiente capitana, roca de la fe
Quiero entrar en tu cuerpo, en tu piel
Sin rumbo, sin descanso, solo llévame
Verlo que aquí no puedo ver, no puedo ver
Serpiente, roca infinita
Cambia de piel en el día
Tu nueva piel es la mía
Y así nunca se marchitará.
Captain snake, rock of faith
I want to get into your body, into your skin
Aimless, restless, just take me
To see what I can't see here, what I can't see here
Snake, infinite rock
You change your skin during the day
Your new skin is the same as mine
And so it will never wither