Jungle Quest

Editorial Illustration / Posters / Game Design
Project Overview
Recess is a company that provides training in agile methodologies using games. I had the pleasure to design and illustrate several of them. For this one, a jungle quest served as a metaphor for the intricacies, growth opportunities, and obstacles in work life. I created a book cover, as well as posters for people to draw or put cards on as part of the game.
Bridge Poster
For the games, I designed two posters: one of them consisted in four 22x27 inches panels. The first and last panels depict both ends of a bridge, while the middle ones are a seamless pattern of a river, meaning the width of the piece can be increased infinitely by adding more panels to the center. Once the panels have been arranged, players have to connect both sides of the bridge with post-its in which they've previously written ideas to reach the team's sprint goals.