Our Place in the Universe

Editorial Illustration
Project Overview
El Gato y la Caja is a website and independent editorial dedicated to the creation and distribution of scientific content. I made this illustration for his article on Laniakea, the supercluster where the Milky Way and our solar system are located.
Can we really answer the question of where we are?
The sole question of what's our place in the universe seems so abstract and hard to delimit that I made this surreal world that is expanding in all directions. The windows are a zoom out sequence that starts on our planet and finishes in the Laniakea supercluster. But if the Universe is infinite, will we ever be certain of our place in it?
Isn't it kinda funny, our need to know everything?
There are two main elements on both sides of the illustration: To the left, The Thinker (Gauguin's famous sculpture) symbolizes our need to question who and where we are. To the right a little bubblehead Hawaiian doll (because Laniakea means Open Skies in Hawaiian) adds some playfulness to balance the analytical energy of the Thinker. In the end, some questions might actually exceed us and I choose to find that funny and embrace it.